HinduPost (www.hindupost.in) is a news, commentary and opinion digital media outlet that provides the correct perspective on issues concerning Hindu society. The perspective provided in traditional media either marginalizes or distorts the facts. There is a need for a media platform that articulates the correct perspective, and this is the gap that HinduPost aims to fill.

The founding philosophy of HinduPost is Satyamev Jayate NaAnritam, i.e. Truth Alone Triumphs, Not Untruth. Truth will emerge from the darkness of lies and distortion all around us, only if we express ourselves, in unison and with courage.

Hindupost was conceptualized and launched in January 2016 by the Hindu Media Forum (HMF). The idea of HinduPost emerged at a media conference conducted by HMF during the inaugural World Hindu Congress 2014.

Website: www.hindupost.in