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Hindu Media Forum (HMF)

Mission Statement

The aim of the Hindu Media Forum is to keep the world informed through honest reporting as well as unbiased analysis of the events taking place around the globe. To accomplish this goal, Hindu Media Forum will mobilize elements in the traditional as well as the emerging forms of media to come together on one platform.


A satirical quote from the James Bond movie ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ sets the tone of the new world order. In the movie, the power hungry villain Elliot Carver, who is a media mogul bent upon world domination, says “Caesar had his legions, Napoleon had his armies, I have my divisions; TV, news, magazines. And by midnight tonight, I’ll have reached and influenced more people than anybody in the history of this planet, save God himself.” Carver goes on to add, “Words are the new weapons, satellites are the new artillery.” While meant as a satire, these lines have increasingly proven to be true since the power of the media is rapidly replacing military power as the most potent force on the global stage.

It is imperative that Hindu society understands this changing dynamic, and adapts itself accordingly to this new reality. It is already common wisdom that “He who controls the media, controls the mind of the people”. An increasing number of people now believe that “He who controls the information controls the world”. This is supported by a careful analysis of the most powerful countries that reveals that in addition to their existing strengths, those countries have an almost unchallenged hold of the global media as well as the flow of information around the world.

While the Hindu community has established itself in many parts of the media, media institutions remain out of reach of many Hindus. In particular, important developments and issues concerning the Hindu society get neither proper coverage nor a just representation. This lack of coverage combined with the very small presence of voices advocating the interests of the Hindu community has led to the entrenchment of attitudes and mindsets that are at very least unsympathetic to Hindu interests, if not downright hostile. The active propagation of this adversarial mindset continues to have a detrimental impact on the Hindu society in several ways. The first way is that Hindus themselves act adverse to their own interests based upon the information presented by a compromised media. The second aspect is that forces hostile to Hindu society will gain in strength and credibility even within Hindu society, which will allow for the subversion of the Hindu community leading to its decay and downfall.

In view of these alarming developments, the Hindu Media Forum will devise strategies to encourage those advocating the interests of Hindu society to establish them in the existing media framework besides penetrating the entrenched media institutions.

The Hindu Media Forum will provide an avenue for established media personalities and other experienced in the dissemination of information to share their expertise and experience with aspiring journalists, reporters, filmmakers, and people who desire to work in all aspects of the media.

Trust Details

HMF is a non-profit trust registered in New Delhi with Regn. No.: 166/Book No. 4/20016-17/Sub-Registrar V-A, New Delhi